Welcome to Quota Carindale

Ordinary people supporting Queensland communities

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Welcome to Quota Carindale

Ordinary people supporting Queensland communities

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The Quota International Mission

Our members empower disadvantaged women, children, the deaf, the hard of hearing, and the speech impaired in 250 communities around the world.

Here at Quota Carindale, we carry out this mission in our local community through a range of service projects and fundraising initiatives.

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Quota Carindale is committed to supporting Queensland communities in need, and your help can make a real difference. Here are some projects we're most proud of.

CleftPals (Qld) Inc.

We provide fundraising support for this group of volunteers devoted to the welfare of children born with a cleft-related condition.

Carinity Hostel Visits

We provide company, entertainment and afternoon tea for Carinity residents who include the frail aged or homeless youth.

Care Bears

We provide care bears for the Queensland Ambulance Service to help patients of all ages cope with trauma.

Asperger Services Australia

We provide fundraising support for this non-profit organisation that educates and raises awareness through community activities.

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for foster children

One of our most rewarding activities is raising funds for foster children to visit the 'Build-a-Bear' workshop. They are given the opportunity to create their own cuddly friend who will see them through thick and thin. Our social workers report that the workshops are a heartening activity for these little ones, providing a permanent source of comfort for those who are often taken from home in frightening circumstances where everything is left behind.

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