The Unicorn Foundation

Our Craft and Gift Fair is not only about crafts and gifts, each year we hold this event to raise funds for our charities.
We were happy to be able to provide an opportunity for the Unicorn Foundation to be able to raise funds for their particular charity.

The Unicorn Foundation is the only Australian not-for-profit medical charity focused on neuroendocrine tumours (NET). Neuroendocrine tumours have, until recently, been overlooked by the medical community. Neuroendocrine tumours by nature are rare; manifest myriad clinical symptoms, many of which are non-specific, and are usually diagnosed late in their clinical course. Such behaviour has created a culture of misunderstanding and non-treatment by physicians. As a result, many patients have felt neglected and abandoned by a medical system that is only beginning to understand and grasp the complexities of the patient with neuroendocrine tumours.

The Unicorn Foundation Quota Craft and Gift Fair

 Some of the organisations that received donations from this years Craft and Gift Fair were –
Asperger Services Australia, it is a volunteer not for profit organisation established in 1995, and provides support to parents, carers, families, individuals, service providers and professionals.
CleftPALS which stands for Cleft Palate and Lip Society. They are a national, voluntary group, comprising parents, relatives and professionals interested in the welfare of children born with cleft related conditions.

CleftPALS was started by two friends whose babies were born during the same week at the same hospital. They realised the support and guidance they gave each other should be available to all parents, particularly during the first year. They felt that parents who have the friendship and support of others who have experienced similar situations, can offer their children a parental relationship and a home environment free of the stress that might otherwise be present.

Their membership is in the majority from Queensland, but also from other states as well as overseas. The Queensland division of CleftPALS represents approximately 170 members.

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