Mummy’s Wish

May 27, 2017


 Today at our Change Over, the guest speaker was Bernadette Vella founder of Mummy’s Wish.
Bernadette spoke to us about her journey and what led to this amazing organisation being born.
The Mission and Vision of Mummy’s wish is to support Australian families with children aged 12 years and under through the provision of practical, immediate and non-means tested support whilst Mum is receiving treatment for cancer. To manage the distressing impact of cancer on Mums and their family unit.
Did you know, every day around Australia 13 other families, just like the founder of Mummy’s Wish have their lives turned upside down when they find out Mum has cancer. Mummy’s wish have touched over 2000 families since 2007 and expect that number to increase by the end of 2017.

Quota Carindale will be holding a fundraising event later in 2017 for support of Mummy’s Wish.

Guest Speaker Mummys Wish founder Bernadette Vella spoke about starting this organisation

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